Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trash Tuskegee

Every day (sometimes twice) I pick up trash from my yard. There are always beer cans or bottles. That is expected(?)...but why the food bags from other cities? I find bags from Hardees, Chick Fillet, and Arby's. None of those eateries are in Tuskegee. That means someone drives to another city, buys food in the drive through, eats on the way back from where ever and waits to come home to Tuskegee to throw the trash out of the window. Take a look. The right of way is all wrong. Trash lines the streets as we (I guess it's us) throw our empty bags, cans and bottles out the window and into the streets and yards of our city.

Of course, it all isn't trash. I found someone's canceled Charter bill in my yard, with the name and address on Water St.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

What really happened on January 20, 2009...

A very important thing happened on January 20, 2009. It happened so quietly, it was missed by everybody. It wasn't reported on any of the news channels. Even Fox missed it. So what happened?

Our victim card expired.

Just like white kids buy rap music and put the artist on the charts while we look for a free download, black people weren't the only one's to vote for Barak Obama, if we voted at all.

Our victim card expired.

Now we have to be responsible for ourselves, our children, our neighborhoods and our communities. We have to come to PTA and City Council Meetings. We have to save our money and learn how to invest it. We have to think about generations coming behind us and what legacy we are building.

We have to read the newspaper and know how to tell truth from falsehood, even when it's in print. We have to acknowledge a Higher Power than our appetites. We have to join the community and be counted as fully participating members.

Our victim card expired.